Tutor and Course Founder

Zindra Andersson, Priestess of Avalon and Völva


Zindra Andersson is a Swedish Völva and Shamanka. She now lives in her beloved Glastonbury/Avalon and is passionate about the crossover possibilities between the Norse and Avalonian traditions of serving Goddess through Priestess work. Zindra runs moon circles and workshops in shamanism and the Norse tradition. She loves to witness women remembering who they are as they rise into their true power, remembering forgotten knowledge and wisdom. She created the highly appreciated course “The Transformation Journey – the Path into Self-Love“.

Zindra has worked with Shamanism and Seidr for many years in Sweden, exploring different forms of journeying in the Otherworlds. Her way is one of listening to the spirits and the land believing that all wisdom is held in Her nature and its beings.

Zindra is a former artist and singer who is also a soul healer, working with sound and different methods of releasing traumas and past life experiences. She was taught by an old spirit and esoteric teacher called Ambres. She is using knowledge and tools learned from this long ago Egyptian hierophant.