The Healer Dancer: Ceremonial and Ritual Dance Training

Wild Medicine Woman



conscious breath and power breath
Mindful Movement
Earth Body practises
experiential and energetic anatomy
organic movement
the elemental magick of the body
inner alchemy
dynamic meditations
the story of ritual dance
trance dance, ecstatic dance and devotional dance
forest dance
water dance
temple dance
voice, song and prayer
creating rituals
healing drum ceremonies
space, skin and center
the wheel of Medicine
the 8 directions
creativity and intuition

By the end of this week you will have tools to start developing a daily practice, create simple ritual dances with the 5 elements and have body-mind awareness. Dance and movement are ongoing practices for life, so after this training we will suggest other thematic spirals for deepening your practice.

Iris is available for questions and guidance any time, so that your practice is coherent and has a thorough follow-up.