Wild Medicine Woman Training

The Path of Elen of the Ways

Week One: Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June 2019

Week Two: Monday 1st – Sunday 7th June 2020

Wild Medicine Woman



Become a Medicine Woman of Wild Nature
Practice contemporary European Shamanism for Earth, community and self

with Iris Lican

Medicine Woman, Ritual Dance Artist, Therapist, Doula, Yogini, Educator

Initiation and Dedication to the Wild Elen of the Ways

Intensive Trainings

Week One – Initiation, the Path of the Green Woman

Spiral One: On Body Earth Medicine

Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June 2019

Wild Nature connection
Spiritual ecology
The Path of Ellen of the ways: Green and Dark
Sacred creative vision as prayer and power
Meditation and Ritual practices
Emotional, energetic and spiritual practices for the rebel at heart and Earth lovers

She is with you. She is within you and All of us.
She is raw, wild, true, naked and yet, perfectly embracing. In her freedom, all forgiveness is possible, all redemption is given with honesty, integrity, responsibility and yet, no moralism.
The Wild Mother is the Earth as Nature and we as natural children of this Earth.
This journey is about merging within the mysteries of Earth and Heart through the wild edges, the fear, the sorrow, the loss, the abundance, the trust, the liberation, the profound connection to the untameable mystery.
We bring together energy, body, soul and Nature from experience.
We will hold space, reveal and keep stories, share the eightfold path of the Mother in her Wild and Fertile Shadow.

Dark Mother Paints the caves
Dark Mother Holds the knifes
Dark Mother Keeps the strings to the tapestry of all life
Dark woman Fiery eyes
She cares for those who birth and die
Dark Mother knows, she makes the signs
You’re free to fail and fall and try
No straight lines, cycles and tides
Infinite lines
Dark Mother never lies
Naked breasts in winter skies
She’s the fadind ground of seasons and the Earth of pulsing floor
My naked bones shall become your cave once more
Craft my soul and the soul of the world
Nothing to hold, nothing to lose
You are who you are
Not just the fate you choose

Week Two – Dedication, the Path of the Dark Mother

Spiral Two: To the Mother of Dark and Wild

Monday 1st – Sunday 7th June 2020

to hold a circle
weaving the web of all our relations consciously
practices for the benefit of all beings
fertile shadow and the wisdom of dark emotions
sacred geometry of the body

together we flow and grow
Sharing power within the circle: to hear and be heard
Earth as body, Soul and Self
Songs, prayers, how to create myths that matter
The Ecstatic Nature of Earth and Heart: grounded altered states of connected consciousness
Night rites

the crossroad guardian, reverence to the shifting directions of fate
The crossroad practices: from and towards center
Instinct and Intuition
Intention, will and acceptance
The Ecstatic Nature of Earth and Heart: grounded altered states of connected consciousness
Practices for devotion in all routines and small actions

undress like fruits and trees, absolute surrender and self offering
To fall, decompose, ferment and compost
Gratitude and honouring: to care for the winter nourishment
The filth eaters or the immaculate heart practices: how to eat poison and purify thoughts, emotions and actions; to give oneself without loss or harm, be the rich soil
Consciousness and action: dedication to the Weaver’s path: initiation rite

of Shadow and Soul
the web beneath the ground: ancestors, gratitude and purpose
The space and place of Death: belonging to the cycle of life through wild nature
To embrace the Earth : return to the Sacred Ground as a womb for the soul
The all embracing heart, no exceptions

Course Information

Course times

Each course day – 10.00am – 5.30pm with breaks, and flexible evenings.

Location, and what to bring
We will be in the Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB, with excursions into the landscape.

Always bring clothing and footwear suitable for the weather – cold, rain, sunshine, showers.

What will we be doing?

We will dance,
walk in Nature,
connect to the landscape and to the spontaneous nature of the body,
practice shamanic yoga,
practice rituals in nature, with elements
create rituals and ceremonies,
work in circle,
develop a geocentric view of life,
honour the essential elements of all Life
learn how to work with the realms of all life
work with sacred animals and plants
work with the 8 sacred directions
work with the wheel of medicine
work with drum healing
balance our relations with our lineage of ancestors, descendants and present people
practice spiritual, social, deep and everyday ecology
connect to elemental powers through direct experience, without access to symbolic archetypes
develop our own intuitive connection to Mother Life and share it, as we weave vision together
work with intuition, instinct, creativity, honesty, commitment
work through challenges of the soul and the body to create resilience
Write, pray, sing and drum
Develop the capacity to listen and to hold intensity within and outside us
Medicine woman profound ethics
Work on how to be Medicine as a constant life practice
Develop trust in our body as well as trust in our questions
Practice inner alchemy of the heart

Course Fee Payments

Week One: 

Earlybird fee (paid in full on or before 20th March 2019): £395

Full fee (paid on or after 21st March 2019): £425

For the full fee there is a deposit of £100 to be paid by 1st May at the latest with the balance paid by 21st May.

Week Two: 

Earlybird fee (paid in full on or before 19th March 2020): £395

Full fee (paid on or after 20th March 2020): £425

For the full fee there is a deposit of £100 to be paid by 1st May at the latest with the balance paid by 21st May 2020

Deposits can be paid by Paypal from this page.

How to apply for the course
You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.


Please note that all Wild Medicine Woman courses are for women only.

Here’s what some students from 2018 have said about the course:

This first week of diving deep into the sacred feminine and the wisdom of Mother Earth has brought up deep transformation and healing for me. Many obstacles that had held me back to become a Medicine Woman could be transformed with love, laughter and the infinite wisdom of the sisters’ circle. I am so grateful to you, Iris, and to all my sisters for holding sacred space for me/ for one another, for crying and laughing together, for creating this wonderful week of magick and healing! My heart opens wide when I think back to all that I’ve experienced in the arms of the Great Mother and of my sisters.

Thank you for showing us the way back to ourselves and Mother Earth, dearest sister Iris!

Much love and blessings,


Profound, magically transformative deeply inspiring teachings, rituals and ceremonies guided by beautiful medicine woman Iris Lican have helped me on many different levels to heal and connect with my own truth, strength, wisdom and beauty.

Exploring the feminine mysteries and connecting deeply with Mother Earth and her magical soil of Avalon made me realised how everything and everyone is sacred and we all have a purpose from the smallest being all is meaningful, all is connected and equally important.
It has been a truly incredible experience to honor the sacredness of life and womanhood, to feel wild and free and tap into my inner power.

I am deeply grateful to Iris for sharing her knowledge with love and compassion. After our training I felt incredibly empowered, peaceful and bathed in bliss.


The Wild Medicine Woman Course run by Iris Lican is one of the most inspiring courses I have ever been on. Iris’s wealth of knowledge, the creativity with which she teaches and her passion for this body of work, created such a powerful awakening within me. I am deeply grateful for all I received from this week. The sisterhood that was created between the women in the group was profoundly beautiful and taught me about the strength that comes when women sit together in circle. It reinforced to me that soft empowerment lies in our vulnerabilities and when we meet each other with love and acceptance magic happens.

Iris created a space where I felt absolutely held and heard. She is an incredible woman with a special gift that she shares so generously. This course was a deep dive into my inner landscape and also an opportunity to learn potent ceremonies and healings. The course is a weaving together of absolute richness and I can’t recommend it enough.


During the intensive training I have felt so connected with the Great Mother Earth and felt the love from Her.

Iris has created such a sacred lovely space for us to learn more about Shamanism and the knowledge how to honour the Earth throug ceremonies with songs, drums, dancing, meditations etc.

Personally it was a marvelous and lovely journy. During the drum healing I get free of some old old feelings – I have tried it several times before – but this time they are gone forever. I can see the change in my face – and for the first time I can look in the mirror and say: “I love you” and indeed feel it in my heart ❤.

It has been the most fantastic, lovely and amazing journy and I am so greatfull and want to thank all sisters in the circle. ❤


I am continuing being very grateful to you and the wisdom you shared as lots of things have moved me from inside manifesting in great stuff.

Im grateful to your teaching as your creative way of teaching and always listening and seeing each person.

Encouraging us to bring our own creativity into our healing ceremonies is very important and you have really done so, which I appreciate a lot.