Wild Medicine Woman Training

Wild Medicine Woman

 Initiation and Dedication to the Wild Elen of the Ways

What will we be doing?

We will dance,
walk in Nature,
connect to the landscape and to the spontaneous nature of the body,
practice shamanic yoga,
practice rituals in nature, with elements
create rituals and ceremonies,
work in circle,
develop a geocentric view of life,
honour the essential elements of all Life
learn how to work with the realms of all life
work with sacred animals and plants
work with the 8 sacred directions
work with the wheel of medicine
work with drum healing
balance our relations with our lineage of ancestors, descendants and present people
practice spiritual, social, deep and everyday ecology
connect to elemental powers through direct experience, without access to symbolic archetypes
develop our own intuitive connection to Mother Life and share it, as we weave vision together
work with intuition, instinct, creativity, honesty, commitment
work through challenges of the soul and the body to create resilience
Write, pray, sing and drum
Develop the capacity to listen and to hold intensity within and outside us
Medicine woman profound ethics
Work on how to be Medicine as a constant life practice
Develop trust in our body as well as trust in our questions
Practice inner alchemy of the heart