Morgen Priestess Training

The Art and Practice of Transformation

Nexus 1 Start Date: 18th February 2023

Open to all who love, respect and honour Goddess

with Mary Bruce, Morgen Priestess of Avalon
Morgen Priest/ess

Nine Morgens dwell between the Misty Veils of Avalon

They are the places within us that hold all possibility

Together they become a powerful dynamic nexus that can focus and catalyse change

This course is for Souls that fly, we will be out in the Temple Landscape of Avalon as well as indoor Sacred Space. In the first year we become acquainted with these powerful energetic beings of transformation. We hone our Morgenical Arts of Oracling, Divination and Healing.

The processes of transformation are experienced in the context of practical alchemy in the second year, followed by a third year of weaving realities and dimensions leading to self-dedication as a Morgen Priestess of Avalon

Morgen Priest/ess