Goddess Temple Teachings FAQ

Here are some of the questions people very often ask – and some answers!  Click on the little cross to read our replies.

We’ve split the FAQ into sections to make it as easy as possible for  you to find what you’re looking for. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for here!

General Courses

I want to train but can only make some of the weekends – would that be a problem?

You may miss only one weekend in our trainings, and it is better not to plan an absence in case you need one later for illness or another problem. Perhaps it would be better to wait until you’re able to plan attending all the weekends?

How can I prepare for a course?

By all means contact the course tutor for advice, you can find contact details for her on the menu for your course.  Also see below for information about our booklist.

Is there a minimum age for courses?

The minimum age for Priestess of Avalon Training is 23.  For other courses, please check the individual course information pages.

Dates for my course for next year are online - where can I find the current year dates?

You should be able to find those in the menu on the website for your course.

Can I bring my dog to course sessions?

We can only allow assistance dogs and even then you would need to check with the course tutor – every course has details of the tutor and a form you can use to contact them.

Are any of your courses in languages other than English?

No, you need to have a reasonable standard of spoken and written English.

Do you have any books you can recommend?

We have an extensive booklist for the Priestess of Avalon training, and this list is both relevant and interesting for all the courses we offer. You can find a copy here.

Do you have Distance Learning or Correspondence Courses?

Where there is an option to take a course by correspondence it shows on the main page for that course.

However, it is better to take the full Glastonbury-based course if possible as our trainings are very much rooted in the Glastonbury/Avalon landscape. For this reason, our correspondence courses require you to visit Glastonbury at least three times during the training year.

Trainings by correspondence are only available to students who live outside the UK or on places like the Channel Isles or the far north of Scotland. Applications from people outside these categories may be considered for reasons other than distance, such as disability or family circumstances, but the visits to Glastonbury must still be undertaken.

Currently, the following courses may be taken by correspondence:

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One by Email 

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two by Email

We also now offer an Interactive Online course which can be taken from anywhere in the world, including: the Way of the Oracle.

There are also several Exclusive Online courses to check out – you can find them here.

I want to train but live in the Southern Hemisphere…

The Priestess of Avalon Training is only open to people living in the Northern hemisphere as we follow the cycle of the Seasons of Her nature here, and you need to be able to visit and experience the land here eight times in the Glastonbury Training, and at least 3 times a year in the Correspondence Training.

We now offer Exclusive online and Interactive online courses which can be taken from anywhere in the world. See Gateways to Goddess.

Can I bring my child to course sessions?

It isn’t really a good idea – you and the other students need to be able to concentrate on the training and keeping an eye on children is bound to cause difficulties. 

I was a High Priestess in a previous life… so do I need to train?

We teach people to become Priestesses and Priests of Goddess in this life within our Temple Teachings. Memory is not enough as times and circumstances have changed.


Applying for

Can I apply for the course if I am transgender, non-binary, gender fluid or questioning my gender identity?

Yes. Goddess Temple Teachings is committed to Gender Inclusivity in all of our courses. Every gender expression is accepted, and you will be held in a safe and empowered space where you can explore your journey to Goddess in Avalon as you wish. As we celebrate Goddess we honour all voices silenced by patriarchy, and are respectful and open-hearted to all who come to know Her.

Can I apply for the course if I am non-Caucasian, of a different ethnicity?

Yes. Our only requirement is that you are called by Goddess to learn more of our indigenous British Goddesses.

I’ve completed an online form but it won’t send!

This happens occasionally, usually because of a blip in the internet or perhaps with your own computer or phone.  The best thing is to leave it for a while and try again later.  Alternatively, you can download and print a form to post to us, or if you’re unable to print we can send you a form through the post.

I can’t afford to travel to the UK even three times in a year…

We would advise you to wait until a time in your life when your financial circumstances have improved, to take this training.


I’ve been teaching myself for some time now, can I skip the first year’s training?

The First Spiral is a Foundation Training which encompasses new teachings about Bridannia’s Wheel and participation in a transformative ceremonial cycle. Every student needs to take the First Spiral.

I don’t have access to a printer – can I be sent a form or other paperwork by post?

Yes – please contact us to request forms. 

You can also now sign your Terms & Conditions electronically – click here for instructions!

Can I sign Terms & Conditions Online?

Yes, that is possible – click here for instructions!

Travel and Accommodation

Is accommodation provided or do I need to find somewhere to stay?

We don’t provide accommodation but there is an extensive list of places to stay you can download from here.

Enquiries not connected
to Trainings

I’m coming to Glastonbury soon, would it be possible to meet a tutor / priestess / healer / tarot reader etc
I’d like to attend the Goddess Conference but can’t find any information

You can find their website here.

I’m a student / researcher / journalist and would like some information to help with my project

Please contact us at this page and give details of your project and what information you need.  We do receive many requests like this so cannot guarantee assistance.

I’d like to bring a group to Glastonbury to see the Temple

Please contact us via the Goddess Temple website.

I’m looking for more information about the Goddess Temple

You can find information about the Temple at the website.

Can you provide me with a spell or talisman?

We do not teach or offer spellcraft or talisman making in the Goddess Temple, so do not provide this.


We’d like to run an event at the Temple

Staff at the Goddess Temple office should be able to help – you can contact them here.

I’d like to volunteer

Please contact our Melissa Mother here.