Priestess / Priest of Gaia

Spiral Two Information:

Becoming a Priestess or Priest of Gaia

Starts 2025

In the second year we dive deeper into connecting and understanding our Mother Earth, Gaia and understanding what it is to become a Priestess or Priest, a guardian of our Mother Earth. We continue to use Her gifts of crystals and wisdom, we will explore the Earth’s energy through our understanding and functioning of Gaia’s own chakra and energy systems, her elementals and devas. We will discover how we can heal our Earth and Environment, trauma clearing, calm political instability and healing the Bees. We will connect ever deeper to the trees of our land, in search of their wisdom and considering how this will serve us and the environment where we live. Complete this Second Spiral by dedicating to Gaia as her Priestess or Priest, one who is devoted to Gaia our Mother Earth. This dedication will be held in her womb, on her sacred land.

The price for Spiral Two in 2025-26 will be broadly similar to that for Spiral One, although inflation may make a modest increase necessary.