Spiral Two 2024

Becoming a Star Priestess or Priest

Eight Circles

Start Date 16/17 March 2024

With Online and Glastonbury-based options

Silver Spiral

During the second year of training, we will dive ever deeper into the mysteries of the Birth Chart, as we begin to work with understanding the predictive techniques of  transits and progressions, the celestial cycles of transformation that offer us insight into the karmic rites of passages we experience on our souls journey.

You will learn to hold ceremonies to honour these powerful personal transitions, and be guided to create sacred rituals to mark the turning of the Astrological Wheel for your own community and clients.

At the end of this year, you will dedicate as a Star Priestess/Priest, one who is devoted to the Cosmic Mother, fully aligned with the movements of the stars and seasons, able to work with the eternal cycles of the Planets and the Constellations as the Ancestors did.

Course Options

Both Spirals One and Two offer a fully online option: you would not need to come to Glastonbury in person.

Please state your preference for Glastonbury-based and Online or Fully Online on the application form. Note that Online students are also welcome to attend any Glastonbury weekends!


Eight weekends – Saturday and Sunday – 10.00am – 4:00pm.


Spiral Two Circles are based in the Miracles Room, Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU, with excursions into the landscape.

What to bring

For each weekend you need to bring: a journal to write in. Something special to place on the altar, returned each time. The training will include some homework.

Spiral Two course outline & dates

Course dates and details can be found here.

Course fee payments

Fees payable are identical for Glastonbury-based and Online students.

Payment in full £1,280.

Payment by instalments £1,330, which includes a £50 on-off administration fee to cover our bank and Paypal costs.

Please note that to ensure your place on the course the non-refundable deposit of £200 must be paid within four weeks of course application acceptance and by 16th February 2024, or by return if the tutor’s acceptance is after this date.

You may pay the balance of fees at any time up to the course start date of 16th March 2024, or by eight instalments of £141.25 beginning 16 March 2024, by standing order or online by Paypal.

Signed Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the course application process and should also be received by us within four weeks of your receiving confirmation of acceptance on the course.

Please make payments to: Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

How to apply for the course