Course Dates and Details

Session One: Wednesday 27 March

Introducing the Temple of the Creative Arts

with Susie Quatermass

Susie will be hosting each session and will be speaking in the first introductory weekend about the Temple of the Creative Arts, sharing the inspiration, excitement and vision. She will be taking us on a journey into ancestral memory, from the ancient mothering caves to present day. We humans have left imprints of our belonging in all places of the world. Creativity has marked the unfolding story of what it is to be human, and where Goddess was once present in all of our lives. In this session there will be an opportunity to draw some images that resurface from your own space of belonging and from your connection to Goddess.

Materials Needed

Please have paper and something to draw with for this session.

Session Two: Wednesday 10 April

The Sacred Art of Creative Writing

with Kathy Jones

Author of ten books, Priestess of Avalon, Sacred Dramatist and Healer

Creative writing is both an art and a craft. It provides a way of organising and presenting ideas and information and is also a means of expressing the intangible, the numinous and the sacred. In this workshop we will explore how to build your confidence in your own natural writing abilities, and the ways in which you can further open up to your inner feelings, to the sacred, to Goddess and the world around you. There will be readings, sharing and practical exercises.

Materials Needed

Please have with you writing materials, paper, a journal, pen or pencil.

Session Three: Wednesday 24 April

Sheela na Gig

with Susie Quatermass and Mandie Thorne

Sheela na Gig in art and life. On this full moon night we will be exploring Sheela na Gigs in art and life and how the sacred vulva has been expressed in ancestral and contemporary women’s art.

Materials Needed

Please have something to draw with and something to draw on for this session.


Session Four: Wednesday 8 May

A Garland of Earthly Delights: Crafting Songs and Poems for Lover Earth

with Cat Lupton

Moving in tune with the sexy seasonal energies of Beltane and the New Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, in this delicious and heart-expanding online session we will dive head over heels into creating inspired poems and songs out of an invitation to imagine and address the Earth as our Beloved. Calling upon the Lover Goddesses to bless our voices, words, bodies and imaginations with their powers of beauty, attraction, sensuality, creativity, fecundity and love, we will use prompts to get those creative juices flowing, spend time in or with Nature singing and writing of our love, and close with the opportunity to share whatever words have come. Open and available to all genders and sexual orientations.

Materials Needed

Pen and paper or other recording equipment; access to spend time outside in Nature or, if this isn’t possible for you, to have with you something from beyond-human Nature – a flower, house plant, crystal, feather, etc – that you can fall in love with and be inspired to write by.

Session Five: Wednesday 22 May

From the Belly

with Ember Vincent

Ember will be talking about her work, her inspirations and where it all began. She will then lead an interactive creating session, showing the processes she uses to create a Goddess figure from a few key words, a theme or a vision. Participants can join in with clay, an alternative modelling material or by sketching, working to the same theme. The aim of the session is to create a shared experience where we can open up and enable creative flow in a safe space, addressing any blocks that surface as we go.

Materials Needed

Clay, modelling material or sketching material.

Session Six: Wednesday 5 June

Intuitive Arts

with Tressy Driver

A journey into the intuitive arts with a mini class in intuitive painting. Looking at ways we can free ourselves and paint more in the moment, expressing our authentic selves in colour .

Materials Needed

Please have a canvas of any size, acrylic paints (any colours you like), brushes and water.

Session Seven: Wednesday 19 June

Maternal Journal Session

with Sarah Slaughter

Sarah will be offering an art journaling workshop where we explore our connection to our birth experience through art, collage and words. The workshop is for anyone who has given birth, been pregnant or identifies as a Mother.

Materials Needed

Please have a notebook or blank paper to work on. You will also need any magazines, coloured/decorative papers, paints, pens, crayons and any decorative items to jazz up your journaling entry like glitter, glue, sequins and beads.