The Way of the Oracle

Priestess/Priest Oracle Online Introductory Course

Isa Isa

with Sally Pullinger

Beginning 25th October 2024

Would you love to become a Priestess or Priest Oracle?

Can you hear the voice of the Goddess inside you?

How does the Goddess communicate to you?

This short introductory course is designed for those who have a deep love for Goddess as the Source of All, and who have an equally deep desire to become Her Vessel, Her Oracle, and bring Her forward into the world.

Sally would like to work with those who have done at least one year of deep work preparing to become a Priestess or Priest in any authentic sacred tradition.

Session Dates and Outline – Fortnightly Friday Evenings

All Sessions are 6.00 – 9.00pm GMT

Session 1 – Friday 25 October 2024

Learning to be fully present and feel Goddess within. Understanding your own unique being.

Sally will bring through Goddess Isis, Isa Isa, to welcome you and bless you in Her Temple of Light.

In this first session Sally will call you to be fully present in your body, to notice and exploreyour senses, your sensations, your feelings, your thoughts, and we will explore how Goddess ‘comes forward’ in all these different ways to ‘speak’ to us, how She comes from within.

Sally will share her experiences of shifting dimensions, how she enters into the inner world, and the various practices, journeys, meditations, and visualisations that assist her to make these shifts.

Sally will lead you in some of these practices and visualisations so that you can yourself use these methods to continue your development in between sessions

Session 2 – Friday 8 November 2024

Going deeper, understanding your Light Body. learning about the ‘mechanics’ of your mediumship

Sally will help you understand how to develop your powers as a medium, a psychic, an oracle, a priestess/priest, how to develop special spiritual and emotional ‘muscles’ and how to increase the luminosity and radiance of your light body.

Goddess is a vast Presence manifesting in all dimensions of Light including the physical realm. As Her Priestess/Priest, you need to expand your light body to make space for Her Presence to come forward within you.

Sally will help you understand how to expand your Light body using your physical emotional and mental awareness and give you exercises to perform ongoingly between the teaching sessions.

Practice is everything, so be prepared to take time every day for this work. Your body (senses), heart (feelings) and mind (thoughts), all need to be developed, programmed, trained, for the purpose of being ever more receptive to Her Divine Presence.

Session 3 – Friday 22 November 2024

She is the Light and the Dark, She is the All in One, She is within you.

Sally will discuss the importance of meeting all the dark and difficult places within you as a vital part of understanding the Presence of Goddess within.

Healing means embracing the dark as well as drawing in the light.

Sally will invite you to go deep within and recognise the gifts and teachings that Goddess brings in your most challenging and difficult experiences. Even the obstinately stuck and resistant aspects of your being are vital and important experiences in your personal spiritual development.

Sally will facilitate the creation of a warm and safe heart space in which to reclaim lost aspects of your being back into wholeness, helping you understand how your soul is communicating with you through what often feel like negative, uncomfortable feelings, memories and dreams.

Session 4 – Friday 6 December 2024

Open up, Move over, and Let Her Speak!

At the start of this last session we will come together in the Great Goddess Temple of Light and invoke Her Presence into the whole group and into each and every unique soul here present.

Sally will encourage you to come forward and allow Goddess to speak through you in whatever way feels most natural to you.

You may wish to do this on your own in the privacy of your own space at home.

Or you may want to do it inside a small break out room with one or two or others on the Zoom platform.

Or you may feel ready to allow Goddess Presence to express through you on the Zoom platform so that all the others on the course may experience Her through you.

During the week before this session Sally will ask you to express your preference and the session will be designed and timed to facilitate this.

Sally will end the course by invoking the Presence of Goddess. Sally does not always know which Goddess will come through, so this will remain a mystery until that night.

Who is this training designed for?

This course is specifically designed for those who are already on a committed Goddess-loving path. It is open to all genders.

No experience in oracling is needed to take the course. Alternatively, you may already use the tools of Goddess embodiment and oracling in your work, and wish to gain practical tools and experience to help you deepen your connection.

This course is designed to be a taster course to a deeper year-long training that Sally will be running with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple later in the year. To keep up to date with future information about the longer training, join our mailing list.

Essential Details

This is a complete course of four sessions. If you cannot attend live, a recording will be sent to all participants within 48 hours of each live session.

The course will take place on Zoom, a Zoom link is sent to you following registration.

The price of the course is £96 (all four sessions included).

For this course you will need:

  • Objects or substances to represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water on your altar. Suggested items are crystals/a bowl of earth, water/a chalice, a candle, a feather/incense.
  • Your favourite crystals, wands, other sacred objects you work or journey with
  •  A basic voice recorder of some kind
  •  Plenty of water to drink during the evening session.
  •  Pen and paper to journal and record your experiences

Please try and be well rested so that you can make the most of this precious time you are investing in your spiritual development. Inner work is very demanding on your body, heart and mind.