Concert in Avalon with Uni Arndísar


Come and join Uni for a musical concert in Avalon

Tuesday 17 September 2024, 7:30pm

Uni Arndisar, Icelandic Völva, Musician and Priestess of the Nordic Goddess, offers a Concert Ritual in the Glastonbury Goddess Hall on Tuesday September 17, 2024.

The evening will be filled with magical music of the North, where you will be invited to travel to the energies of Icelandic elves and the powerful Nordic Goddess.

Uni uses her voice and drum to awake the energies – for everyone attending, an offer to dive within and find the healing Nordic light – if even for just a brief moment.

Uni will be singing her own music, amongst Icelandic Folk songs and invites you to be a part of the Sacred Circle.


Uni Arndisar, Völva, Musician and Priestess of the Nordic Goddess comes from Iceland.

With passion and love in her heart, Uni has traveled the world studying various traditions and spiritual paths, all of which have led her back home to Iceland, where she has found a great connection to the energy and beings of Icelandic nature.

Uni studied music from a young age in Iceland, England and Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she also studied Sound Healing with Marjorie de Muynck.

In Iceland, Uni retrieved ancient wisdom from the Norse Mythology, through her close collaboration with Animistic Reynir Katrínar. Based on Reynir’s wisdom, they together evoked the energies of the Goddesses, Gods and beings of Iceland, as the duo Seiðlæti.

Seiðlæti released their album Þagnarþulur, dedicated to Frigg and the Goddesses of Fensalir in 2017.

Uni released the solo album Enchanted in 2009, and in 2013 she released the duet album Morning Rain with her husband Jón Tryggvi. Together they form the duo UniJon.

Uni has dedicated her life to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine and to the peaceful energies of living gently.

Uni creates musical rituals in honour of the Icelandic Mother, and looks forward to seeing you in Glastonbury Avalon in September 2024.

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