The Art of Creating Sacred Sound:

Sound Healer Training


Course Dates and Details

Circle One: 10-12 May 2024 (Nada Brahman)

  • What is sound and how can it be used to heal/support healing
  • How to choose instruments/build your tool kit
  • Basic introduction to key instruments
  • Science and benefits of sound healing

Circle Two: 28-30 June 2024 (safe sacred space)

  • History and philosophy behind sound and vibration
  • Safety, contraindications, holding safe space
  • Subtle anatomy and energetics of healing
  • Workshop on playing different instruments

Circle Three: 26-28 July 2024 (Nada Yoga)

  • Explorations with voice and activating your own inner sound current
  • Vocal confidence & activation with Mantra, Toning
  • Vocal tips
  • General practice/ Workshop on playing different instruments.

Circle Four: 27-29 September 2024 (sacred geometry of sound)

  • Basics of music theory
  • Creating binaural beats
  • Entrainment
  • General practice/ Workshop instrumental techniques

Circle Five: 1-3 November 2024 (building sound)

  • Creating soundscapes
  • Layering sound
  • Working with the nervous system
  • General practice/ Workshop building instrumental skills

Circle Six: 6-8 December 2024 (assessment)

  • Individual and group assessments
  • Closing