Your tutor: Charlie Merton

The course is written and delivered by experienced sound healer, yoga teacher and music therapist, Charlie Merton. Charlie has been a space holder and facilitator of healing spaces for more than 10 years, in addition to having 20 years of teaching experience. Charlie is a Priestess of Goddess initiated through Goddess Temple Teachings.



Charlie began playing the piano at age 7, by 10 she was playing the cornet in a local brass band. Her undergrad degree was a 4-year BMus majoring in trumpet performance and composition. This took her to California for a year where she continued to explore different sounds playing in Latin jazz bands, mariachi band and orchestras.

She has since completed an intensive 3-year master’s in music therapy (psychotherapy training) at the University of Roehampton and as a result worked as a music therapist with a range of clients with complex needs, special needs schools, adult mental health, children’s hospice and nursing homes. Throughout this time, she devoted time and practice to nurturing her spiritual practice, awareness of energy, training and working as a crystal healing, yoga teacher and developing an acute awareness of sound and healing and how resonance/vibration impacts the body-mind.

She acquired her first singing bowls in 2007 and from there moved into gongs. She developed her voice through classical vocal coaching but more importantly her confidence to work with her voice and not hide behind an instrument, a skill which was vital to cultivate as a music therapist. Working with mantra and singing Kirtan became instrumental (no pun intended) for creating that space for her to explore herself in a new way. Charlie has been creating sound baths in yogic spaces since 2013, Charlie offers more than a gong bath, she brings together decades of musicality, healing and deep inner work to weave a symphony of sonic healing magic. She has dedicated most of her life to music, sound and healing practices and has cultivated and refined her sonic art and her ability to create trauma-informed spaces for people to feel held and safe.