Soul Healing

Intensive Healing Training Course 2025

with Karin Persons

Course Start Date: 14/15/16 February, 2025


Soul Healing is a subtle and powerful form of energetic healing, that works with the energies of the whole person, with the physical and energetic bodies, the emotions, thoughts, personality and soul, to help bring us back from the state of dis-ease to a state of ease and well-being.

The word Healing is used in the sense of ‘making whole’, of redressing imbalances that have built up in the emotions, mind and body. Soul is that part of us which is eternal, invisible, spiritual and filled with universal love, which connects us to each other, to the divine and all life. 

Soul Healers recognize the presence of the Soul within themselves and in all other people, learning how to call these powerful transforming energies in to heal themselves and their patients. These are esoteric skills that can only be learned through practice and experience. This is knowledge which cannot be acquired from a book, but which is only learned through the application of the principles of energetic healing. It is knowledge that in the past was hidden, because it was believed to be powerful and life-changing. It is now being made available to those who wish to heal and deepen their healing skills.

This teaching is based on healing principles first described in the 1940s by Alice A Bailey in her ground-breaking work ‘Esoteric Healing’, and developed, simplified and brought into the 21st century by Priestess Healer Kathy Jones. Kathy has taught this method of Soul Healing to many students over the past 25 years and is now happily handing this teaching into the capable hands of Healer Karin Persons. Kathy is the author of two books on healing – Chiron in Labrys: An Introduction to Esoteric Soul Healing and Breast Cancer: Hanging on by a Red Thread. Kathy is also Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Temple and of Glastonbury Goddess Conference. You do not need to believe in Goddess to take this course. Students may follow any life-affirming spiritual belief system to participate.