Priestessing/Priesting the Underworld

Spiral One: Course Dates and Content


Circle One: 18/19 January 2025

Introductions. Invocation of the Great Mother Goddess of the Dark and the Light to hold us through this deep journey. Calling in the Ancestors. Ancestral healing. Listening to the voices of the ancestors.Invocations to heal ancestral wounds. Teachings on your light body and chakras. Learning methods of psychic self-protection.

Circle Two: 8/9 March 2025

Element of Air. Becoming aware of your mind, becoming conscious of fears and doubts, lack of confidence. Using your voice and your breath to clear fears and invoke courage. Creating affirmations and prayers for your journey to the Underworld. Invocation of your Priestess/Priest/Higher Self and your Upper World Allies and High Frequency Light Beings. Calling in and going to meet the wounded and/or hidden aspect of your Inner Child/Past life self. Listening to the voice of your wounded Inner Child/Past life self. Dialoguing between your Priestess/Priest self and your wounded/hidden self. Self-

Circle Three: 19/20 April 2025

Element of Fire. Invocation of your Soul’s Light, your SoulFire. Invoking your Fire Allies. Calling in the Deities of the Sun, and the Solar Fire. Raising the Inner Fire of your Spiritual Essence. Invoking the Courage of the Spiritual Warrior. The dark side of Fire. Suppressed Fire. Understanding Anger as a necessary fiery power within. Working with the wounds of suppressed anger. Transformational Fire to call out and release the anger and transform it into Fierce Courage.

Circle Four:  31 May/1 June 2025

Element of Earth. Going deeper. Preparing to ground your intentions, strengthen your body, and journey deep into the Earth to find and connect with your Earth Allies. The healing power and spiritual energy of crystals. Setting up crystal grids of intention and connection. The special power of Shungite. Journeying into the Sacred Realms of Inner Earth. Connecting with your Earth Allies. Ceremony of Healing and Connection in the Underworld Shungite Temple. Meeting the Dark Mother and the Shungite Healing Deities. Connecting with your Crystal Allies.

Circle Five: 5/6 July 2025 (Goddess House)

The Element of Water. Invoking the Healing powers of the Water. Invoking the Water Deities. Feeling your affinity with Water, finding your Water Allies. Feeling your watery nature. Sensing the watery changeable flow of energy within your being. Noticing your feelings and emotions. Learning to truly listen to each other with a big compassionate open heart. Going deeper into the emotional body. Finding the grief and sadness. Offering all the painful emotions up to be washed into the great ocean. Water Blessings. Deep Cleansing and Immersion in the Holy Waters of Avalon.

Circle Six: 16/17 August 2025

Invocation of the Divine Mother of Abundance. Coming back into the womb of the Divine Mother. Womb healing/naming, meeting  and healing the wounds/blocks in your creativity. Rebirthing yourself from within the Great Mother’s womb of perfect Love. Parenting yourself, nourishing your places of lack, Feeding the places of hunger and need within, understanding self love.

Circle Seven: 27/28 September 2025

Soul Retrieval. Finding and retrieving lost parts of your soul. Integration of your Divine Child. Honouring the one who has returned from the darkness to be fully present within you now. Contemplating all that you have learned from this journey in the Underworld of your Being. Writing your Personal ‘Commitment to Truth’ Manifesto. Declaring your promises to listen to and hear the authentic wisdom coming forth from your deep, dark and no longer hidden Underworld Self who is now liberated to also be present in your Upper World.

Circle Eight: 15/16 November 2025

Ceremonies of Honouring of the Priestesses and Priests who are able to bring their Love Light and deep Wisdom into the Underworld. Self Initiation of the Priestesses and Priests of the Underworld in the Presence of Dark Mother Nolava.

The order in which these weekends take place may vary from year to year and also the content presented in each weekend may differ from year to year, as we listen to Goddess and dream in Her unique inspiration and guidance for each special soul group that gathers to do this training.