Priestess Sally Pullinger


Priestess of Avalon Sally Pullinger is a professional medium, healer, composer, musician & grandmother, who has lived in Avalon for 40 years. She has run many groups over the last 20 years facilitating the process of finding, reclaiming and integrating lost and traumatised aspects of the being. Sally has been a medium for 40 years, and runs her own mystery school with her daughter Sophie Pullinger, assisting many to find their own unique path of spiritual self-development.


As a songwriter/composer Sally has written many wonderful Goddess songs and music, including her song-cycle for VocalAna, and also with her son Jerome O’Connell, a more rock and roll style of music for their Goddess Band, Divine Roots, worshipping Goddess through song and strong dance beats. She is also Musical Director of the well-loved local Avalonian Free State Choir.