Priesting the Underworld

In-Person Training in Glastonbury

with Priestess Healers Sally Pullinger and Sophie Pullinger

Bonfire in the woods

In this Two-Year, Two Spiral course Priestesses Sally and Sophie Pullinger offer you a way to work in your hidden places of wounding and pain to transform them into a resource of wisdom and resilience. Our places of darkness and suffering, when worked with consciously, are the foundation of our personal power.

This is a certificated course. In Spiral One, completion of the course affirms that you have become Priestess/Priest of Your Own Underworld. In Spiral Two you are supported to learn the skills to facilitate others in becoming Priestess/Priest of Their Own Underworld, as you become a Priestess/Priestess of The Underworld.

In the context of the work being presented by Sally and Sophie in this course, the ‘Underworld’ is where we store all that we hide for various reasons, all that is often unseen or even invisible to ourselves and/or others. These are often the parts of ourselves that hold the most pain. Our work will be to bring our whole selves to see, understand and heal these unresolved places.

On this deep journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, Goddess comes forward directly to the group and to each individual through the full-trance mediumship of Sally. From the very start of this course, you will feel an ever-deepening personal connection with the Lady of Avalon, Nolava and with Goddess Isis, Isa Isa, and to other Goddesses who are likely to come forward in response to the special oversoul energy of the group participants. In last year’s group we were also visited several times by other Star Goddesses and Star Beings. We will also receive transmissions and teachings throughout the course from Sally and Sophie’s personal Spirit Guide of over 45 years, Ascended Master Chung Fu.

For those who feel ready, let us go down to where many souls are experiencing deep disconnection, loss, confusion, and suffering. Let us reclaim from our underworld the colours and qualities of our deep soul essence that are needed now to create the new world that Goddess intends for us here on earth. The ‘underworld’ is as unique, vast, varied and full for every human being as is the ‘conscious’ earthly world and the ‘superconscious’ upper world.

Come and join us and discover the deep, hidden, lost, ‘dark matter’ in the depths of your soul! This is the very TREASURE that when fully witnessed, accepted and reclaimed becomes the super-power that lifts you up and liberates you into the full joyous ownership of your authentic being.

Here on earth, we come to experience the wonder and the magic of life on this beautiful plane. We come here to feel, sense, see, smell, touch, taste and hear everything possible, and we thus enact and manifest all that we are through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

However the truth is also that in this quest for evolution in love, our human experience of all that is not love is a vital part of our learning and growth. We could say that most of our trouble and pain comes from the underworld, and most of our knowledge, healing and pleasure comes from the upper world. And yet by visiting this underworld and becoming familiar with our deepest and often darkest secrets and woundings we gain wisdom, personal power and insight which is not available to us through any other means.

Visiting our underworld does require us to strengthen ourselves. It requires that we become conscious of what we are doing. It requires that we make the journey to do the
work of reclamation, restoration and re-integration with our full presence.

Now, more than ever, the world needs Priestesses and Priests to step up and be gateway keepers, facilitators, initiators, space holders and healers. People need
Goddess embodied presence to penetrate into the realm of Her darkness and find aspects of themselves that may be lost there.

Over the last few years, the pressures on people have brought them to breaking point. The constrictions and restrictions imposed on humanity both from the actual illness known as Covid, and from the reactions of individuals and governments have had a very damaging impact on many people’s lives. Underlying issues of mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering have been revealed and accentuated. Now those places are crying out for urgent attention and healing.

In order to be able to help others, aspiring Priestesses and Priests in any tradition, need to do the healing work on themselves. Without this work, they will find themselves lacking the necessary resources and tools to serve those in need.

In this course, we will be building strength and power together as a group, supporting each other to find the part of us that can embody the Goddess.

As we journey to the underworld and integrate our places of pain, we become empowered to fully embody Goddess presence and walk on earth in the beauty way.

We so look forward to journeying with you in this profound and transformational way.

The course will be for physical attendance here in Glastonbury, Avalon, UK, and will be variously demanding in a number of different and unique ways for each participant.

Because of the intensity of the training there are a limited number of places available on the course. Please apply early.

The First Spiral will start in January 2025 and end in November 2025. There will be a Second Spiral for those who are called to go deeper. Please be in touch with Sally if you have any questions.