Soul Healing:

Student Testimonials

What previous students have said about this course:

“It’s changed my life completely” 

“I feel alive for the first time” 

“The course has provided me with the most intense and divine experience”

“I have become a really fluid, moving person since I began the course”

“When I look back on my life I will see the course as one of the crossroads in my life”

“ Perceptions challenged, boundaries changed, barriers removed, new friends made and old partnerships reforged.”

“It’s been the most profound spiritual framework I have come across”

“It has opened me up to a different way of life”

“The weekends have been inspiring, educational, thought-provoking and challenging”

“Very, very good. It’s healing as it should be”

“Learning about the healing techniques is something that makes me excited and hungry for more and more knowledge, homework and experiences.”

“ I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I can breathe again”

“Brilliant, transforming”