Karin Persons


Karin writes: “In 2017 I trained with Kathy Jones as an Esoteric Soul Healing Practitioner. This intensive training was a fantastic broadening and deepening of the healing practices that I had already learned during my Priestess Training (eg. Sat Nam Rasayan).

Kathy’s healing methods, based on Alice Bailey’s esoteric body of work, is such a technical way to practice healing that my sceptical scientific mind could ‘eat’ it…and I was blown away by the results I witnessed in my patients.

In the years that followed I have deepened my skills with Advanced Soul Healing techniques and many group and personal sessions. When possible, you will find me in the Goddess House for Thursday Afternoon Healing by donation. Last year I took part in the Soul Healing course again learning to be a teacher of this transformative system of healing.

I find great pleasure in stepping into Kathy’s legacy and carrying Esoteric Soul Healing into the future as its teacher.

I look forward to meeting you in the Healing Circle of this Intensive training.”