Embodied Birth Experience

Course Details

Part 1: Intro: Connecting with the Lady of Avalon

Identifying Creative Practices for cultivating inner power & safety.
Highest timeline envisioning
Connecting with Goddesses and Guides: choose which birth goddesses you desire to work with and begin co-creating with them.

Safety and nervous system regulation
Connect and communicate with your body. Learn to understand and speak the language of the body, sensations, and your intuition. We will connect with your body and baby.

Birth beyond the ego
Access cosmic wisdom and knowledge as well as the ancient ancestral codes of the primal women held in your DNA to assist you during your pregnancy so you can birth in your power.

Birth Vision Guided Meditation + Dance Journey: Co-create with Bride, Bridget, Bridget Anna and her flame of creativity and inspiration. Explore your most exalted birth vision with the senses.

Part 2: Fear Deconditioning, Reprogramming, and Writing a New Story.

Birth fears
Personalised techniques to somatically release the fears you carry around birth and the birthing process. (everyone’s fears are different and how your body releases fears vary from woman to woman).

Birth Beliefs
Where the magic begins…We’ll rearrange old beliefs and create a new story through hypnobirthing journeys, elemental rituals, writing your new affirmations and creating intentional art. I will also give personalised practices and techniques for daily embodiment work + rewiring your subconscious.

Part 3: Deep layers: Addressing intergenerational patterns and Core wounds

Inner Child Work
Self-holding and meeting inner parts of yourself with love and compassion. Moving beyond shame, finding a deep sense of worthiness, acceptance and forgiveness.

Sensuality, connecting with Rhiannon, Aphrodite, Mary Magdalene and the Rose lineage. Sensuality – Meeting pain with pleasure, increasing oxytocin for birth. Remembrance of your innate innocence, feeling free from inhibitions. Connecting with your inner maiden, innocence and play, releasing sexual shame, integrating maiden into motherhood.

Embodying the Great Mother and divine feminine Exploring Archetypes of the great mother, divine Mother and Compassionate parent within. Release any fears of motherhood and embody the mother you desire to be.

Sacred Masculine and Father. Father wound healing. Exploring the sacred masculine, safety, structure, security from within and union of these energies within.

Conception and womb experiences. The way you came into this world determines how you bring souls into this world

Exploring your birth experiences as you journey from womb to world. What Stanislav Grof termed the perinatal unconscious. The stored and embodied memories of being born which will become activated in your birth. We go deep within to re code and re-pattern your experience to one of bliss, connection and love.

Being born and being welcomed to earth. Holding the baby within you in safety and love to find a deep sense of belonging. You will feel fully aligned with your greater mission for your life and motherhood.

Part 4: Participatory Birthing: Prepare for a beautiful labour and birth

Birthing Power – Learn about the exquisite orchestration of birthing hormones and how to create the optimum birthing space to access them so you feel euphoric and ecstatic during labour and birth.

Softening and opening the body, playing with the feelings and sensations of expansion and contraction within your body so you can expand and open to birth your baby in peace and pleasure. Exploring the interplay and relationship of pain and pleasure.

Communicate with your yoni, cervix and womb so you can birth your baby with deep connection with your inner body and your intuition.

Embodying Powerful Birth Archetypes. Find your inner power archetypes to support you during birth. Explore the Queen, Empress, and Warrior archetypes and how to access their power and wisdom from within in any moments you need them.

Exploring boundaries and language around birth, connecting with your inner courage and strength. How to surrender into the birthing portal.

Embodying the Primal
Primal movement journey, embodying the primal woman and wild woman to access your primal birthing wisdom.
Using Breath sound and movement for directing the flow of the birthing field through your body as an active participant, co-creating your unique birth story with the divine.

Embodying a felt sense of surrendering and letting go so you can ride the waves of labour land and meet anything that comes up with presence, love and grace.

Bonus Materials

Brain waves and birth
Sound journeys.
Relaxing and into the theta state for your journey into labour land.

The fourth trimester
Placenta ideas
Preparing for the golden hour and 4th trimester.

Birth partners
Masterclass for birth partners so they can journey with you and support you. (Relevant for partners, husbands, doulas, friends)

Closing ceremony
Powerful group closing ceremony after your birth, soul retrieval to close the portal and receive new codes for your motherhood journey.

During this training, you will also be guided to:

Feel in harmony and enhance your connection, ready for the joint journey of birth and life together.
Embark on practices to activate the natural blueprint within you to birth.
Through self-love and embodiment practices, learn how to work with your hormones.
Tune into your Yes and your No. Ensure your choices are honoured during birth.
Create powerful affirmations, intentions and visualisations to create your ideal birth.
To access one’s primal birthing wisdom and experience the full power of childbirth.
Beliefs about birth, from our culture, society, family and experience, are stored in our body. Change and re-arrange them to align with your dream birth.
Practices to embody complete trust, so you can strengthen your muscle memory to easily let go and open in birth.
Make room for a new story, one that supports you to feel calm and confident in yourself and your body.