Freya Rose Birch


Freya is a visionary catalyst for evolution, a sacred birth keeper and ecstatic birth priestess. She specialises in guiding soulful pregnant women to experience pregnancy and birth through pleasure focused embodiment practices, alchemising core wounds to gifts.

It is Freya’s joy and mission to support women to experience a pleasurable pregnancy and powerful birth. To connect with their bodies, babies and their inner power to align with birth as a spiritual, embodied and empowering experience.

Freya is the creator of Embodied Birth Experience: Keys to an Ecstatic Birth. A three-month immersion to experience birth in a pleasure focused, ecstatic and even orgasmic way.

Freya blends shamanic training from Indigenous elders in Middle and South America, academic research and inner standing from her MSc in consciousness and transpersonal psychology with her own magic and experiential wisdom.

Freya specialises in shamanic aspects of birth as well as trauma and the body. Freya has completed trainings in various modalities such as somatic trauma therapy, hypnotherapy, compassion focused therapy, priestess initiations, sacred temple arts, as well as gained many insights directly from the lands, goddess and spirit.

Birth is her greatest teacher. She has developed a modality called participatory birthing. She guides women to be able to direct the flow iof energy moving through their body in labour, so they become an active participant in labour co-creating with the divine.

She experienced an ecstatic water birth in Glastonbury, deeply connected with the Lady of Avalon, and it is her passion and devotion to guide women into this experience.