Soul Healing Course Dates & Details


An Introduction to Soul Healing

Soul Healing: Weekend One

14/15/16 February 2025

Learn how to develop your natural healing abilities and experience increased conscious soul contact and psychic ability with an introduction to the practice of Magnetic Healing. Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Developing Healing Ability

Soul Healing: Weekend Two

4/5/6 April 2025

Learn how to feel the energies of the Chakras, and the causes and energetic nature of disease with continuing practical experience and exercises.

Radiatory Healing

Soul Healing: Weekend Three

23/24/25 May 2025

Learn Radiatory Healing, direct soul contact, linking chakras, radiating healing energy out through the aura. Plus working with Devas, Elementals, Angels and Sound.

Healing in the Mental Body

Soul Healing: Weekend Four

4/5/6 July 2025

Further healing practice plus development of the Ajna Chakra, seeing with the Third Eye, Psychic Reading, Healing and energy discrimination.

Healing in the Emotional Body

Soul Healing: Weekend Five

5/6/7 September 2025

Early physical and emotional patterning. Regression and rebirthing. Learning to breathe again. Stages of development, associated traumas and consequent life statements.

Self Healing, Conscious Dying

Soul Healing: Weekend Six

17/18/19 October 2025

Self-healing, relaxation and visualisation exercises. Death and conscious dying. Death as a transformative and energetic process. Healing Practice.

On this course you will learn:

Two main forms of Soul Healing : Magnetic hands on Healing and Radiatory Healing through the aura

The human energy system relating physical body, chakras, personality, consciousness and soul

To develop and use intuition and your psychic abilities in healing

To develop and practice your natural healing abilities

Alice Bailey’s teachings on Esoteric Healing in an understandable form

How to hold clear boundaries and work professionally with patients