Priestess of Avalon Spiral One Email

Application and Information 2024-25

Here we’ve brought together all you need to apply for the course and to check your course and payment dates. Below you will see a number of buttons and there is information below that. If you have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Online application: Simply complete and click “send” on the online form. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

PDF application: You need to print out the PDF form, then complete it by hand and return to us at the address on the form.

By post: If you can’t use this option or the online application form please click on the “request application form by post” button, above, and we can send you a form to complete.

Your application will be considered by the tutors, who reserve the right to select intuitively those who will best benefit from the training at this time. Please note that the course is taught in English, so if this isn’t your first language, you need the skills to be able to follow everything without difficulty.


Tuition fees for the email correspondence course are similar to those for attending the full course in Glastonbury. On the email course in addition to spending nine days in Glastonbury – more than half the time spent in the full course, email students also receive one to one feedback, tutorials and attention, where full course students receive group tuition and support.

The full tuition fee for the Email Correspondence Course First Spiral is £1,400, which can be paid in full at the beginning of the course or by £200 deposit and 8 monthly instalments. This fee includes all tuition for eight sessions during the first year, all assignments, homework, feedback and telephone tutorials plus three three-day non-residential teaching sessions in Glastonbury. It does not include the costs of telephone calls, travel, accommodation, food or insurance.

Please note that to ensure your place on the course the non-refundable deposit of £200 must be paid within four weeks of acceptance by the tutor. If you have applied within four weeks of the course start date your deposit must be received by 12 October 2024 at the latest, or by return if the tutor’s acceptance is after this date.

The full fee of £1,400 can be paid by cheque payable to Glastonbury Goddess Temple or in a one off payment directly into our bank account. Bank details will be sent you on request, or contact us for more information or to request an invoice.

Alternatively, fees can be paid by instalments with your non-refundable deposit paid as above, and then by 8 monthly instalments, which are payable by standing order or Paypal subscription starting on 25 October 2024 until the final instalment, due 25 May 2025.

Including the £50 admin fee to cover bank and Paypal costs, each instalment will be £156.25.

Signed Terms & Conditions are an integral part of the course application process and should also be received by us within four weeks of your receiving confirmation of acceptance on the course.

Looking for the Payment Page?

We’ve moved our payment forms. You can find the page for Priestess of Avalon Spiral One Email here.

Leaving the course

Occasionally students decide to leave the course during the First Spiral. Students who have paid in full and leave the course before the second weekend will receive a refund of the full fee minus the deposit plus instalments up to and including the month in which they inform to tutor that they are not continuing the course. There is no refund after the second weekend has been taken.

Students who pay by instalments and then leave the course before the Second Circle do not receive a refund, but pay up to and including the month in which they inform to tutor that they are not continuing the course. Students who leave the course after the second weekend are expected to complete all instalment payments, as their place has been reserved for them for the duration of the course.