Priestess and Priest of Avalon Training

Spiral Two

Course start date:
Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd November 2019

"Lady of Avalon", by Caroline Lir

Spiral Two of the Priestess/Priest of Avalon Training is open to those who have successfully completed Spiral One. Over eight weekends you learn the practical skills of a Priest/ess of the Goddess and of Avalon and explore your role as Goddess ceremonialist, Goddess Temple Priestess/Melissa, enabler, visionary, journeyer and spiritual friend.

The path of becoming a Priest/ess in this Avalonian tradition is a path of devotion and service to Goddess, as She expresses Herself through the cycle of the seasons of Her nature within the natural landscape, in the everyday world, in myth and in present day revelations. On this training our devotion is particularly focused on Bridannia, Goddess of the whole of Brigit’s Isles, and on the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of the Isle of Avalon, and we need to know and experience who She is and what that devotion means.

In this teaching the role of the Priestess or Priest is a public role, rather than a private dream. Our priestess work is to bring Goddess back into the world, to help Her to become visible through us and all that we are and can offer in service to Her. We bring our skills to the great work of creating, supporting and developing new Goddess Events, Communities and Temples in our homelands.

As part of your training you are encouraged to Priestess in seasonal ceremonies in the Glastonbury Goddess Hall and to extend and improve your abilities to priestess. You learn how to Melissa in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, serving the many visitors who come to the Temple. As part of Spiral Two homework, students Melissa in the Temple for 8 hours or more in your own time. You may also create a ceremony in the Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

The Second Spiral culminates in a special Self-Initiation Ceremony as a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess, which includes walking the Glastonbury Tor Labrynth. For this you need to be physically fit. 

The Second Spiral is taught by Priestess of Avalon Luna Silver with the help of Kathy Jones. 

Sunrise on the Tor

Times of Circles

Saturday: 9.30am – 6.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am – 6.00pm

Spiral Two Course Dates, 2019-20

Introduction to the Second Spiral, Deepening your Dedication Vow

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle One

2nd – 3rd November 2019

At the end of their first year of training students have taken part in a special Ceremony in which they dedicate themselves to Goddess as Sisters and Brothers of Avalon. For this ceremony you write and speak your own Vow of Dedication. This vow marks an important step that requires daily commitment and focus. On the first weekend of the Second Spiral students further examine what this dedication really means as a focus for daily spiritual practice and as it affects the choices you make in your daily life, in your relationships, work, etc. Students explore what it might mean to become a Priestess and Priest of the Goddess, the culmination of the Second Spiral of training and the Developing Rites and Responsibilities of a Priestess/Priest of the Goddess and of Avalon.

Glastonbury course students are joined by Correspondence students.

Creating and Performing Goddess-centred Ceremonies : Part 1

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Two

14th – 15th December 2019

Together you examine the basic principles of creating and performing the many ceremonies and rites of passage you may be called upon to offer as Priest/esses of the Goddess. In ceremony Priest/esses consciously create conditions in which you and others can experience the energies of Goddess, moving within and between us all. Students explore the nature of the archetypal Priestess and Priest Self and how to call her/him into your bodies. You learn how to create Ceremonial energy frameworks through which Goddess may be experienced by all those present. You learn about finding and holding inner stillness, how to hear and respond to intuition and the ability to be sensitive to movement within Her energy field. Students then devise and practice your own Goddess-centred ceremonies with feedback and discussion.

Creating and Performing Goddess-centred Ceremonies : Part 2

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Three

8th – 9th February 2020

A detailed practical circle in which you begin to lay the seeds of your practice as a Priestess, creating, developing and practicing your own Goddess inspired ceremonies with supportive and reflective feedback. Correspondence students from around the world also take part in the weekend adding to the feast of creativity.

Glastonbury course students are joined by Correspondence students.

Emotional Healing and Priest/ess Development

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Four

14th – 15th March 2020

Emotional wounding is a consequence of damaging current, childhood and past life experiences, which often affects us in the present day, preventing us from standing in our power as individuals and as Her Priestesses and Priests. Our wounds can cause resistance to following our chosen paths, fears that arise which impede us in fulfilling our dreams, holding us back on our path to being our authentic selves and to full incarnation. On this healing and empowering weekend we will use a variety of techniques to meet, express and heal some of this psychological wounding.

Gender and the Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Five

9th – 10th May 2020

Having the Goddess in the centre of our lives changes the way that we relate to each other as women and men, and to the wider patriarchal society in which we live. We explore the many gender issues that arise on the Goddess path. These include the role of women as the human manifestation of Goddess in the world, the role of men as Her Guardians and Protectors; where God fits in, etc., as well as the challenge of living in societies that encourage power over competition within and between the sexes and how we can all be empowered from within to be truly who we are. You have the opportunity to explore some of your own prejudices and truths about gender and Goddess. You explore Women’s and Men’s Mysteries.

Reading the Signs in Nature and Scrying for Visions

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Six

13th – 14th June 2020

The Goddess’s nature is everywhere and part of the Priest/ess path includes learning to read Her signs that are visible all around us within Her nature, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to listen. You learn to develop your inner sight and hearing, to listen to your intuition and respond to its messages. You learn how to scry (read the signs) for a vision, using the elements of Her nature – space, air, fire, water and earth, and how to hear Her voice within Her nature. You learn to look into the present moment to unravel the difficulties of the past and to reveal the possibilities of the future, through visions which can inspire you and your community.

Oracling and Embodiment of the Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Seven

18th – 19th July 2020

Goddess is both immanent and transcendent. She is within each one of us as our individual and collective Soul, and She is without, as the vast source of All that is. Hers is the love that connects everything within Her universe. You explore the nature of your own soul, learning how to manifest your soul’s energy in the world, as a source of love, creativity, generosity and compassion. Oracling and Embodiment of the Goddess are ancient priestess arts which were once common in the old Goddess religions, and which are being reclaimed within this Avalonian tradition. You continue to hone the skill of invoking your archetypal priest/ess self into your body. You then learn how to Oracle for the Goddess and how to embody Goddess in ceremony. You learn how to speak truly for Her, offering words of comfort, inspiration and love to those who wish to meet the Goddess in a physical form.

Pathways through Her Labrynth in life and on Glastonbury Tor

Priestess of Avalon Spiral Two: Circle Eight

12th – 13th September 2020

On the final weekend of the Second Spiral training students learn the secrets of the seven circuit Labrynth as an ancient Goddess symbol, as a ceremonial pathway, and as a transformational journey. You walk the huge three-dimensional Goddess Labrynth on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor as a Ceremonial Rite of Passage, letting go of what no longer serves you and taking on what you need for your path as Her priestess or priest. During your time within the centre of the Tor Labrynth students take part in a special Ceremony created by the Spiral group, of Self-Initiation as Priestesses and Priests of the Goddess.

Glastonbury course students are joined by Correspondence students.

Course fee payments

£960 per annum (some concessionary places available) plus £36 if paying by instalments.

Deposit of £100 payable by 21st October 2019, plus eight monthly payments of £112 beginning 11th November 2019.

Pay in full by cheque or bank deposit, or monthly by standing order or online by Paypal. Monthly instalments include an additional one-off admin fee of £36.

How to apply for the course

You can find everything you need to apply for the course here.