Priestess of Avalon

Spiral One Course Dates 2024-25

Meeting the Morgens – Coming face to face with the Dark Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle One

Saturday 26 October  – Sunday 27 October 2024

Opening our circle we prepare for the coming year. We create a ritual space and altar to the Goddesses on Bridannia’s Wheel. We let go of the old and plant seeds of intention for the year we will spend together. We journey to meet the Morgens, the Nine Sisters who dwell on the Isle of Avalon and drink from the Cauldron of Transformation.

Danu’s Dreaming Womb – Air Initiation

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Two

Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 December 2024

In the stillness of winter we create ceremonies honouring Danu, ancient Goddess of Air and the Winter Solstice, and walk with the Ancestors on the land. We learn how to cleanse and protect ourselves and others, and make smudge fans.

Brighde the Maiden – Quickening the Seeds of Inspiration

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Three

Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 February 2025

We make Brighde Dolls in honour of the Maiden Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft and praise Her in our poetry and songs at Bride’s Mound. We ask that the seeds of intent which we planted at Samhain are quickened by the touch of Her White Rod.

Artha’s Fire Initiation – Taking our Power

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Four

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 March 2025

At the Spring Equinox we connect to the cosmic fire of Artha the Great She Bear in the heavens. We make a powerful ceremonial journey into the Labrynth and honour the springtime of the Goddess’s bounteous Nature. We explore empowerment in our own lives and make ourselves a Magic Wand.

Riding with Rhiannon – Journeying between the Worlds

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Five

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 April 2025

 At Beltane when the veils are thin in Avalon, we learn to travel with Lover Goddess Rhiannon between the worlds. We discuss the power of our sexual natures. We learn of women’s Blood Mysteries and men’s Mysteries in relation to Goddess.

The Lady of the Lake – Initiation of the Sacred Waters

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Six

Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 June 2025

At the height of the summer we open our hearts to receive the Chalice of the Goddess, Her Grail of Initiation, connecting to the Lady of the Lake, Lady of the Summerland. Beside the sacred springs of Avalon we learn to use our Chalice and travel to the Lady of the Well for healing.

Great Mother Initiation – Bringing our desires to fruition

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Seven

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 July 2025

We express our gratitude to Madron the Mother Goddess and Ker the Grain Goddess, giving thanks to the Lammas Mother for all that She gives us. We learn of Her abundant nature and how to make our dreams come true. We decorate the Goddess Temple and prepare for Lammas.

Isle of Avalon – Dedication to the Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Spiral One: Circle Eight

Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 September 2025

On this final circle of the First Spiral we will be grounding all that we have learned and experienced together in the sacred landscape of Avalon. We experience a powerful evening Ceremony in which participants dedicate their lives to the Goddess, becoming Sisters or Brothers of Avalon.

All students within the Priest/ess of Avalon Training programme who complete the First Spiral must sign the Temple Orchard of Avalon Code of Conduct in order to Self-dedicate within this training programme.