Priestess of Avalon

Spiral Three Course Outline & Dates: 2024-25

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Throughout the Third Spiral you will learn:

About the Energies, Powers and Presence of the Lady of Avalon

The Lady of Avalon is the Goddess who rules the Isle of Avalon. She is an emerging Goddess from the ancient past calling to us in the present and also from the future. She is the feminine essence of the land and energies of the mystical Isle of Avalon and is primarily imaged in the landscape and legends of Glastonbury Avalon. She is Nolava of the Sacred Land, the Mirror of Avalon, revealing Herself in the shapes of Glastonbury’s hills and valleys as a giant Maiden Swan, as the vibrant Lover, as the Great Birth-giving Mother and as an ancient Wise Crone. She shows Herself to be the Ground of Avalon, the Waters of Avalon, the Fires of Avalon, the Breath of Avalon and the Space of Avalon. As we walk Her sacred body She comes to us in visions through the Veil of Avalon appearing as a beautiful woman, young or mature, as an Old Woman, a Crone; as Myst; and in Her totem animal and bird forms. During the Practice of Her Presence She appears to us in our imagination and in our dreams. She communicates with us as sound, in words, music and art. She is found wherever we walk on the sacred land and She also appears in other landscapes in England, Wales, Scotland and abroad, in cities and towns, wherever we call to Her from our hearts.

The basic Practice of the Presence using ritual, visualisation and spiritual empowerment

During the first weekend students learn the basic spiritual Practice of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon. In a special embodied Ceremony you will be empowered to perform the Practice for yourself. Students are given specific images of the Lady to work with in their visualisations as well as written and esoteric instructions on the Practice. The Practice begins with a once a day morning session which lasts between 25 and 45 minutes. After three months this expands to twice a day, morning and evening. For the final three months students also perform an additional and different noonday practice. The practice of Her Presence brings the student into personal spiritual contact with the energies of the Lady of Avalon. It also gives access to personal healing and inspiration transmitted to you directly from Her.

How to journey to Avalon and meet the Lady on a daily basis

Throughout the course students learn how to journey psychically each day to the Isle of Avalon to meet the Lady and to experience Her amazing loving violet light energies. The Practice includes learning how to ground and centre within the energies of your own soul, the full invocation of the Lady in Her many forms, plus how to journey safely to Avalon, using ritual forms, visualisation, sound, prayer, song and movement. You will learn to make your own journeys through the sacred landscape from this world into Avalon to receive the blessings of the holy beings who dwell there.

To develop visualisation skills, inner hearing, sensing and intuition

One of the ways in which we come closer to the Goddess is by recognising Her within Her nature, which is all around us and also by seeing/feeling/recognising Her with our inner senses. Through performing the Practice daily you will develop your own skills of visualisation, inner hearing and knowing. As you journey to Avalon daily the Lady begins to show Herself to you in the forms She chooses. Students also develop the skill of building specific etheric forms of the Lady, imbuing them with Her radiant energies. Through performing a daily Practice you will naturally develop these skills for yourself. You will also further develop the ability to hear and listen to your own intuition as Her words are received by you each day. You are encouraged to act on your intuition and experience for yourself the truth of your own inner teacher.

To develop self-discipline

Performing an ever-deepening spiritual practice on a daily basis quickly brings us face to face with our own personal resistances. These resistances manifest in many different ways that are relevant to the individual. Determination, commitment and self-discipline are required for the student to continue with the Practice through the resistances that arise. There is a balance to be wrought between the obvious spiritual benefits of the Practice, which include increased communication and inspiration from the Lady, and the obstacles that the personality will throw into your pathway. As the Practice intensifies and expands every three months so resistance can also increase. In order to successfully complete the Practice you will need to develop self-discipline and hone your spiritual will to accomplish what your heart desires.

How to embody the Lady in ceremony, as Oracle and for healing

Through performing the Practice of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon you will experience first of all receiving Her radiant loving energies into your body and being on a daily basis and the powerful transforming effect that this can have in your life. By the end of the course you will have also learned how to receive and transmit the Lady of Avalon’s energies yourself out into the world. This experience and knowledge acquired over a length of time, can then be applied in ceremonies which invoke the Presence of the Lady embodied in Her priest/ess, for the giving of Her Oracles, for Her Embodiment and to offer healing in Her name.

Third Spiral Course Dates

Spiral Three Circle One

Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 October 2024

Spiral Three Circle Two

Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 January 2025

Spiral Three Circle Three

Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 April 2025

Spiral Three Circle Four

Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 July 2025