The Developing Responsibilities, Practices and Rites of a Priestess or Priest of Avalon

A Priestess or Priest of the Goddess and of Avalon is a wo/man who chooses to pursue a path of spiritual service in sacred devotion to the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of the Sacred Land of Avalon, to Her people, Her Temple and Her expanding presence in the world, and to the sacred transformative energies of the Isle of Avalon.

We bring Goddess alive through our devotion and service to Her, through our worship and prayer, our daily actions, our creative expression, our ceremonies, study, teaching, practice, art, music, dance, through our everyday lives. Becoming a Priest/ess of Avalon involves change in every facet of our being, bringing us into alignment with our soul’s true purpose in this lifetime. This does not happen overnight, but with every breath we take. She is the way, She is the goal and She is the inspiration for all we do, so that we become kinder, more loving and wise human beings.

The following are suggestions for individual development in all branches of the Orchard of Avalon, which includes all who have successfully completed the First Spiral of the Priestess of Avalon Training and agree to abide by its Code of Practice and Ethics. It is especially for those who continue their training and aspire to become Priestesses and Priests of Avalon – offered with love. They have been discussed and modified at Orchard meetings and in teaching circles and have developed over time.


The Developing Responsibilities of a Priestess or Priest of Avalon

  1. To live and act with personal integrity.
  2. To be kind, honest, compassionate, loving and wise, to harm no-one.
  3. To love and care for ourselves at all times.
  4. To be responsible to self and others for all our actions, both positive and negative.
  5. To talk face to face with those with whom we are in conflict, with support if required.
  6. To be prepared to deal with the consequences of our mistakes and failures.
  7. To respect, honour and support all members of the expanding Orchard of Avalon.
  8. To respect the right of others to have their own spiritual beliefs.
  9. To seek to co-operate with others and not to seek to generate conflict.
  10. To maintain interpersonal confidentiality.
  11. To know our limitations and work with them, and to know that we are limitless.
  12. To learn to discriminate between the real and the unreal.
  13. To refrain from committing hubris (offending Goddess) eg damaging Her Earth, Her animals, Her people, etc., by thoughtlessness or by design.

The Developing Practices and Rites of a Priestess or Priest of Avalon

  1. To maintain a daily spiritual practice, invoking the Presence of the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of our Sacred Land, often.
  2. To listen for and respond to Her words of truth.
  3. To serve the Goddess in the ways She instructs us, living a gifting life.
  4. To trust Her, knowing that She leads us through life’s experiences for our greatest good.
  5. To live and express ourselves consciously in the flow of Her energy and in rhythm with the cycles and seasons of Her nature.
  6. To generate the energies of Avalon and connect others to those energies.
  7. To continue to expand our knowledge and experience of Goddess through being with Her on Her sacred land in all seasons; through personal study and continuing self-development; and the practice of Her ways. To share those ways with others.
  8. To generate and maintain sacred space.
  9. To perform ceremonies of all kinds in the flow of Her energy with due preparation and awareness of purpose, with care and attention to detail, both visible and invisible.
  10. To support those who are experiencing the Dark Face of the Goddess.
  11. To offer comfort and healing in Her name.
  12. To serve regularly in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, in other Goddess Temples throughout the world, at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and in other Goddess Conferences.
  13. To aspire to Her ecstasy.