Priest/ess of Avalon Training

Three Year, Three Spiral Training
with Kit Crowther, Luna Silver and Kathy Jones

2024 / 25 / 26

"Lady of Avalon", by Caroline Lir

“Lady of Avalon”, by Caroline Lir

The Priest/ess of Avalon Three Spiral Training Course is based in the small country town of Glastonbury, England, which is the Outerworld counterpart to the Otherworld of the Isle of Avalon.

The Priest/ess of Avalon Training is open to women and men who love Goddess and wish to learn more about Her as She manifests Herself within the spirituality, landscape and culture of Great Britain, and in particular Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon.

The Training offers you a sacred and transformative Path of Service and Devotion to Goddess, to Her land and Her people. It empowers you to gradually take on the visible public role of becoming Her Priestess or Priest and supports you in creating new Goddess Events, Communities and Temples in the world.

The course fosters creativity, self-empowerment, self-responsibility and Soul development and will take your time, commitment, energy, physical well-being and practical application to complete successfully.

To truly become a Sister/Brother or Priestess/Priest of Avalon in this tradition it is important to become familiar with the actual physical and spiritual landscape of Glastonbury Avalon, as the land is the gateway to knowledge of the Lady and Her mysteries. Students need to be able to physically walk the landscape of Glastonbury with ease when they come to visit.

At the beginning of the First Spiral students are given the course book Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess, written by the course founder, Kathy Jones, or another of Kathy’s books if they already have this one. This book lays the foundation for the teaching throughout the Three Spirals. You are also given a copy of Remembering the Nine Morgens, The Nine Sisters of Avalon, also written by Kathy.

Each of the Three Spirals of learning lasts for close to a year so that students can fully experience the faces and ways of the Goddess as She expresses Herself through the cycle of the seasons of Her nature in Brigit’s Isles. The Three Spirals are taken consecutively, but there can be gaps between years.

All In the Heart of the Goddess trainings are experiential and will involve you in personal change and development. The Goddess’s touch is transformative – She Changes Everything She Touches … and you need to be prepared for this to obtain the maximum benefit from participating in this course.

NB: Please do not take this training if you do not want your life to change.

Please note: The Priestess of Avalon Training is a Priest/ess training, rather than a psychological training. It will involve you in personal change, soul development and the healing of your wounds of karma. There is simply not enough time in a weekend to cover all of this, as well as learning about the many faces of Goddess and all the skills of a priestess. When personal issues arise which need extra help you may be required to seek additional psychotherapeutic support in order to continue with the training. Other Advanced Spirals include opportunities for more self-healing, and psychological and spiritual development.

Because of the transformative nature of this teaching the minimum age for students on this course is 23 years of age. Preparatory Trainings are available for younger people or those who are not sure if this is the course for them.

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Avalon sky - photo: Kathy Jones

Avalon misty sky – photo: Kathy Jones

Spiral One : Dedication to the Goddess

with Kit Crowther

During the First Spiral participants meet in circle for two days at each of the eight natural Sunfire festivals of the year, beginning at Samhain, the Keltic New Year. Through the eight circles we explore the teachings and ceremonies connected to the seasons of Goddess in Brigit’s Isles. All teachings are grounded in Bridannia’s Wheel, which is specifically designed to invoke the presence of ancient and present day British Goddesses. This Wheel is different to the Wiccan Wheel.

The First Spiral is completed at a special Ceremony in which participants make their own personal Vow dedicating their lives to Goddess, becoming Sisters or Brothers of Avalon.

On successful completion of the First Spiral and signing the Temple Orchard Code of Conduct students become part of the Temple Orchard of Avalon, the wider community of Sisters, Brothers, Priestesses and Priests of Goddess and of Avalon.

Swans on the River Brue - photo: Kathy Jones

Swans on the River Brue – photo: Kathy Jones

Spiral Two : Practice of a Priestess and Priest of the Goddess

The Second Spiral is taught by Priestess of Avalon Luna Silver with the support of Kathy Jones

During the Second Spiral over eight weekends, students learn to develop personal priest/essing skills, exploring the role of Goddess ceremonialist, Temple priestess, enabler, visionary and spiritual friend. Students learn to create and perform Goddess-inspired ceremonies, laying the seeds for your practice as a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess and Avalon. You learn to work at a deeper energetic level. There are opportunities for personal self-healing and spiritual development. You learn to travel between the upper, middle and lower worlds of Avalon for healing, guidance and soul retrieval looking into the present to unravel the past, and to scry for visions for yourself and your community. Gender issues are explored as they relate to your life and the practice of being a Priestess or Priest of Goddess. You learn how to Oracle and Embody Goddess and offer Her blessings to others.

All of these skills empower you to take on the visible public role of being Her Priestess or Priest in the world, and aid you in creating, supporting and developing new Goddess Events and Temples in your community.

On the final weekend you explore the transformatory mysteries of the long and winding path of the Glastonbury Tor Labrynth, walking Her sacred land. Successful completion of this Spiral culminates in a Ceremony of Self-Dedication as a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess.

The Tor

Spiral Three : Practice of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon

with Kathy Jones

To call oneself a Priestess of Avalon is a bold claim and requires a certainty of purpose and commitment that is only gained through having daily experience of the Lady of Avalon, and having knowledge of Her Sacred Landscape. The Third Spiral encompasses a nine-month daily spiritual Practice based around 4 weekends, spending time each day journeying inwardly to meet the Lady of Avalon. The purpose of the Practice is to give you a deeper, more profound experience of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon. This practice culminates in the special Initiation Ceremony, in which successful candidates are Self-Initiated through the power of their own Souls, dedicating yourself in service to the Lady of Avalon, to Her Sacred Land and Her loving and transforming energies, so becoming Priestesses or Priests of Avalon.


First Spiral

£1,200 – £1,600 sliding scale
  • Sliding scale based on income
  • For 8 weekends
  • Pay in full, or by deposit and eight monthly instalments by Paypal or standing order. (Monthly payments involve an additional fee of £50).

Second Spiral

£1,400 for eight weekends
  • Pay in full, or by deposit and eight monthly instalments by Paypal or standing order. (Monthly payments involve an additional fee of £50).

Third Spiral

£640 for four weekends
  • Pay in full, or by deposit and five monthly instalments by Paypal or standing order. (Monthly payments involve an additional fee of £35).


Each Spiral takes place in the Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB, with walks on the sacred landscape of Avalon. Some time will be spent outdoors on some weekends and trainees bring the appropriate clothing and footwear to suit the vagaries of the weather.

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